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  1. Lure Fishing How To Guides
    I'm stocking up on metal lures (War Spears) for next season in the black Friday sales, what colours would you advise for bass and mackerel please, I'm thinking just silver, would it be worth getting any other colours like gold or chartreuse?
  2. Home Made Lures!
    Ok folks for some of you who probably saw my last post about foil for jigs, i have decided that I want to go down this path and I was wondering if anyone on here had seen plain metal or lead jigs similar to these or these online or if they know someone on here or not who makes them? I would...
  3. Home Made Lures!
    Hi, there I'm trying to find the foil that's used on holographic lures preferably with fish scales but would consider without. As far as I'm aware the stuff has to be heated up with a heat gun but I'm hoping some of you clever folks on here will be able to point me in the right direction. Cheers
  4. Home Made Lures!
    Hi there im wondering if anyone has tried to make there own seatrout lures and if so what did you make?
1-4 of 4 Results