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  1. South West Catch Reports
    Hi was just wondering if any one could point me in the rough direction of some winter species....looking for a few fish rather than a big fish just to get the rods out.... Any advice would be appreciated
  2. South West Meets
    Anyone fancy a shore social on the winter species was thinking some marks around Fowey/Charlestown possibly Roseland area... be good to get out!
  3. South West Catch Reports
    Few chucks on the incoming tide no bass about on slack tide inside wall noticed some mullet swimming about the moorings right in front of the tackle shop/ice cream shop. Fun on light tackle and free lined baits. Saved a blank
  4. South West Catch Reports
    Hi there guys recently moved onto the roseland and have taken numerous trips around the coast searching for bass...have recently seen bass topping a fair distance off of Carne along with a few mullet. I was just wondering if any of you guys have fished here and what methods you used (tides...
  5. South West Catch Reports
    Anyone fished here before? What's it like? Any advice/tips for fishing here? I'm new to fishing so bait/lure/tactics advice would be much appreciated as well! Cheers
  6. South West Catch Reports
    I have a small dinghy with a 5HP outboard and I plan on coming down to Mevagissey this weekend to see if I can pull a few Pollock/coddling out. The thing is I have been down there before with the Kayak and the beauty of the Kayak is that you can just get in the water anywhere. But when it comes...
1-6 of 6 Results