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  1. New Member Introductions Forum
    Alright everyone? I have been on and off fishing for a while. My older brother has been in to it all his life and I have tagged along really, never wanting to take the plunge and buy my own kit until recently. After leaving the forces I have ended up in a job with a lot more free time that I'm...
  2. Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    I'm going to order the Imax 15ft surf twin tip rod and I also wish to get a feel with it but I'm stuck between the tronixpro envoy mag and the Shimano beast master xsa , both look like good reels but I cannot make up my mind ! what reel should I chose ?
  3. Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    Hi guys and girls I'm looking to add a new rod to my collection and torn between the okuma distance 12ft or the Sonik sks black 12ft. I go beach fishing and also from harbour walls etc. Any advice if anyone has used or own one of these not looking to break the bank the sonik is priced at £69...
1-3 of 3 Results