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night fishing

  1. Night fishing lights

    Shore Angling
    Hi guys, I sometimes go to Brighton to fish the arms at night. On many occasions, i have seen people use these lights that look like spot lights/flood lights. They angle it onto the water and ive seen a few who have amazing results with it. Do any of you guys have any experience using them...
  2. Cullercoats

    North East Catch Reports
    Lastnite me and jacky went to cullercoats(thanks to this forum its helped us find some fantastic marks). There's a free carpark strait opposite the harbour so we parked there and walked strait down onto the beach, across the beach and up and over the south breakwater onto the rocks. We got there...
  3. Kayaks and Conger

    Scotland Catch Reports
    We love kayak fishing . Our latest trip took us up to the highland of Scotland , and our plan was to fish throughout the night . At arrival the weather condition was not perfect it was getting dark , the rain was persistent and the strong wind was cutting across . The essential requirement for...
  4. Shore fancy burry port in night ?

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    fancy burry port in night ?
  5. command house chatham the medway

    Shore Angling
    Hiya everyone im looking at fishing at command house and was wondering were the security office is so i can have a chat with them for a spot of night fishing