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  1. East Coast Catch Reports
    Hi - Decided to get back in to beachcasting this autumn/winter after 35 year gap. Used to fish Gorleston beach but it looks very different now, is it still ok? Live near Norwich (Brundall), any thoughts on a good place to start appreciated. Thanks, Mark
  2. Shore Angling
    Hi guys decided to take up fishing again But since moveing to Suffolk I haven’t a scooby where to go. I’m Thetford way do kings Lynn is the closest place to me but from looking at google earth I can see any roads that run near the beach. I’ve heard that the fishing near Sutton bridge isn’t...
  3. East Coast Catch Reports
    I'll be back down on the east coast again on August the 23rd for a weeks fishing at hemsby and caister.. I was supposed to be here the last week in junw for the hounds but had to re book a bit on the mate side due to the virus. I was wondering if the hounds are usually still around this late in...
  4. East Coast Catch Reports
    I have been half a dozen times fishing to high tide with feathers, struggling to get any sizeable mackerel. Even when they are biting I'm not getting any more than three per trip. My question: has anyone had any decent catches with regards to quantity, hooked into any shoals etc? This year for...
  5. East Coast Catch Reports
    Hi everyone, I’m looking to arrange my first beach fishing trip after many years out of the sport. I’m now living on the Norfolk border and have never fished this area. Can anyone recommend some venues where I would be in with a chance of catching something? I’ll be taking my two young sons and...
  6. East Coast Catch Reports
    I had a session at hemsby last night. I got there about an hour before high tide and fished one rod with a two hook flapper, both hooks were baited with lugworm. The whiting were there from the first cast and i had some nice ones although im no sea angler so wouldn't know what size a specimen...
  7. East Coast Catch Reports
    Hey fellas, some great content on here! ... I’m new to the East Coast having moved to Bury St Edmunds. Any tips on best spots to catch bass and Mackeral off the shore? Also any info on whether to fish those spots low/high tide, high/low, etc would be much appreciated. Great to be on here and...
  8. Boat Angling / Angling Afloat
    Hi All, Looking to launch my Predator 165 boat for the first time out of Morston next Monday. I have a 2wd BMW 3 series so need to be a bit careful but it looks doable. Anyone got any tips for launching and getting out of Morston please? Is the retrieval ok with the tide in the channel? I have...
  9. Shore Angling
    Hi, looking for any tips/advice re lure fishing around the East Anglia coastline, anywhere between Holkham round to Aldborough. I’ve used lures in fresh water, but would like to give it a go in the sea. Any advice on venues, lures to use, or any other tips would be greatly appreciated Cheers
  10. Boat Angling / Angling Afloat
    Hi All, Does anyone have any photos launching from Brancaster, Morston or Blakeney please? Can't find too many photos online. Any information on any of these launch sites would also be gratefully received - how easy is it with a car and Warrior 165, tides etc? Many thanks in anticipation. Tancho
  11. Beginners and Improvers
    Can anyone suggest any locations in Norfolk where I might try Mullet fishing in 2018, please? Thanks.
  12. Shore Angling
    As anyone tried using 3D Crabs when lure fishing from beach for bass, been thinking of trying next season off Norfolk beaches where Peelers are hot bait, thought it might be worth a try...
  13. East Coast Catch Reports
    What is a reasonable wind speed for successful shore fishing and casting on the Norfolk coast? Is that even a question? I'm about to start shore fishing again after a 30 year break, all previous was in the sheltered Solent, not the North Sea. I have new beach casting kit at the ready, but have...
  14. East Coast Catch Reports
    Hi, It's my mission this year to catch a bass on a lure. I've got a rod,reel and some lures and a day off tomorrow. Where would you chaps suggest I try?? I can get pretty much anywhere from sheringham to southwold. All suggestions gratefully accepted.
1-14 of 14 Results