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  1. East Coast Catch Reports
    I thought I'd post a couple of fishing reports. The first was last weekend after a roasting hot day I thought there would be a bevvy of fish ready to be hooked leading up to an 11:30pm ish high tide at Caister on Sea. I fished in between two groynes to he north of the second avenue car park from...
  2. East Coast Catch Reports
    Rigs used: 2 hook loop rig with size 1 hooks Bait: squid and some rashes of bacon I had left over in the fridge. No weed thank goodness first cast we had Whitings & Dabs every Chuck on squid, started to run low on bait so I used the little bit of squid left over and some bacon to make a...
  3. East Coast Catch Reports
    Finally after many months of persevering I caught my first thornback Ray using a loop rig with size 2 hooks with Bluey as bait. Wasn't huge maybe a couple of pounds but a welcomed sight nonetheless. Also had some very small smoothhounds and plenty of whiting. No weed which was good:)
  4. East Coast Catch Reports
    Never caught a Dogfish until I reeled one in yesterday and since then it's been non stop Dogfish. LARGE ones as well. Biggest was abound 75/80cm all of which looked slightly perturbed lol :Oo: I managed to catch a few Hounds but for the majority of time I was plagued by Dogfish. I was using...
  5. East Coast Catch Reports
    Rigs used: A short loop rig with size 2 hooks A 2up flapper rig size 4 hooks with Bonebass gums for attraction. Time: Fished from the low tide 6:30am up to high tide around 8:15am Fish Caught: 4 Smooth Hounds 1 Dogfish 6 whiting (all sizable) 3 Dabs Bait Used: Unwashed squid...
  6. East Coast Catch Reports
    I'm thinking about fishing North Beach Great Yarmouth sometime next week, I was wondering if there's much being caught at the moment? I'm aware the last few week in Great Yarmouth have been very poor! Thanks M::
  7. New Member Introductions Forum
    Hi Just joined WSF and hoping to learn loads especially about fishing locally for Sea Bass. Would like to learn a lot more about Bass Lure fishing.
  8. East Coast Catch Reports
    I'm popping up to stay at my dads in Hunstanton later today. Coming up for the top fireworks display. I have fished all around here and the fens for many years but only once fished North beach. Dad and I used lug from the shop in town with no joy what so ever. I admit it was mid summer and...
1-8 of 8 Results