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  1. Shore Spring beach fishing

    North East Catch Reports
    Hi there I'm home from the big smoke for a few days over Easter. Want to head out beach fishing as I haven't for ages. Any news on what Runswick Bay can produce in Spring and what baits are advised please? Also, anyone lure fishing at Runswick early on in the season? By the sailing club you...
  2. Advice New to NE England & English Fishing Laws - Advice Appreciated

    North East Catch Reports
    Hi I've not posted on the forums in a while and relatively new to the North East of England - trying to understand the restrictions and regulations on sea fishing down this end. :) I'm used to being able to fish without the need of rod licenses and also most sea fishing in Scotland is free for...
  3. North east lure day out

    North East Catch Reports
    Hello lads and lasses. First post just want a little advice on areas to lure fish ideally for bass, pollock, cod and the allusive mackerel all catch and release apart from the mackerel. Couple of us going out Wednesday for the day and we are willing to travel a bit any ideas would be very...
  4. First YearFishing North East

    East Coast Catch Reports
    Hi all! It's been great to get involved with the cod fishing up on the North East Coast of Scotland. Had some great fish but still slightly shy of that double pounder! Today fishing I had an 8 pounder which I really hoped was going to get the double figures but sadly it feel just short...