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  1. Europe
    The hyrtigruta ferry is at the center of a great deal of contriversy because it has had several passengers with covid who were allowed onshore. The country opened last week and as a result is now in pretty much lockdown. Consider this is one of those occasions when it is YOU and no one else who...
  2. Europe
    just seen this on nrk the Norwegian news service It talks abouty the biggest ever concentration of cod in one place - they recon that there was between 50 and 60 thousand tons of fish in a 3 square kilometer area - the average weight of the fish was 8 kg. Here is a fishfinder picture The full...
  3. Shore Angling
    Hi Everyone, Heading over to Norway again this year but this time im determined to get a wolf fish. The area we will be fishing is mainly shore fishing. Not too bothered about getting them on the boat as I really want one from the shore. Just wondering what rigs would you use? im thinking just...
1-3 of 3 Results