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  1. Norway info sought

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    hi guys Long time since I’ve posted but bandaged to grab a week in Lofoten islands Norway in August. Wondering if any one can offer any advice. Trying to understand what to take gear wise, type of fishing available, any recommendations for boats to go on if guides for shore and fresh water...
  2. Another Day In Hosted Mefjord Paradise (Sunday)

    Day 4 of the Mefjord Hosted skrei trip has come to an end and what a day it was for everybody out here in Norway. We woke up to a beautiful sunny Norwegian morning, with the sun beaming down and the wind basically non existent we were on the boats by 9am and were soon making our way out of the...
  3. Outstanding Days Fishing Hosted Mefjord Norway Report

    Day 3 is now over on the Sportquest Hosted Skrei cod fishing holiday and what a day it was. Making our way down to the boats this morning we were met with an overcast day slightly colder than yesterday and with a noticeable chill on the air. After boarding the boats and quickly sorting our...
  4. Day 2 Cod Fishing Live From Mefjord North Norway

    Well that’s the end of day 2 of the hosted Mefjord Brygge skrei cod trip, we awoke bright and early this morning ready for the day that lay ahead. As everybody made their way down to the boats we were all full of excitement and the chatter amongst ourselves was all about what we were expecting...
  5. Awesome Days Cod Fishing Mefjord Norway Report Day 1

    Well what an amazing first day for the hosted Sportquest Skrei Cod trip to Mefjord Brygge. After arriving late into the night the previous day all the anglers had a lovely sleep and woke up full of anticipation for the days cod fishing that lay ahead. Unfortunately the wind had other ideas...