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  1. Scotland Catch Reports
    2nd trip for me and my boys. Weather looks like it's going to be reasonable so hoping for a fash. Just cant make up my mind where to go so any help appreciated.
  2. New Member Introductions Forum
    Back to sea fishing after too long out of it. Hope I can see enough to tackle date have caught cod off Arbroath, solitary wrasse off arran, flatties, doggies and mackerel. Hoping to expand on that soon. West cost seems more appealing.
  3. Scotland Catch Reports
    Hi Guys, Just wondered if any of you have dishes Fort William Pier ? What can be expected to catch? Any good reports?
  4. General Sea Angling Discussion
    Had a wee hour or so at the layby under the oban side of the Connel bridge this afternoon, tide was running at warp speed into etive Just using 10ft spinning rod 18lb main on fixed spool. Using couple of different lures sparkly blue purple and black n silver. And a gold phallic shaped lure with...
  5. Shore Angling
    Hi folks I’m heading to the Oban area to work tomorrow for a few days and hoping to have some time in the evenings for a cast or 2 from the shore but I’m not familiar with the area so any advice would be good, I’ll only have my spinning rods with me as bait isn’t an option. Catch and release...
  6. Scotland Catch Reports
    In every adventure we have a plan , two days prior to launch we finalise our route and check on the weather . We went west this time trying near Oban . It was a drizzly morning to start with . The wind was moderate at that time , low tide and fast drift made it impossible to lure fish for...
  7. Scotland Catch Reports
    The wondering MASAC visit OBAN in search of spurries 1st June 2018 – 3rd June 2018 Day 1 3 of us decided a few weeks ago we would try and target some spur dogs up in Oban. The 1st weekend in June was soon here and we set off around 0500hrs from Huddersfield. We were soon up around Loch Lomond...
  8. Scotland Catch Reports
    Had a cracking few days out in Oban, species caught on the trip were cod, pollock, whiting, dabs, conger, coalfish, mackerel, dogfish. Took my own sib but ended up fishing on 3 different boats with mates on theirs. Not the best conditions for small boats but got out everyday thanks god...
  9. Shore Angling
    Hi All, Looking for some advice on fishing for flat fish from sandy beaches along the ayrshire coast / Clyde. Went up to cove last month to do a bit of ledgering for cod / coalies but nothing other than a bailiff from the LLAA hounding me about fishing for sea trout which i may add i was not...
  10. Scotland Catch Reports
    I fished loch Etive over two days but i will just put up one report both days were as bad as each other. I headed over to Etive for a meet with a few other anglers we were to meet sat afternoon at the car park at Connel bridge sat afternoon. I thought it's a long way to go just for one day so...
1-10 of 10 Results