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  1. General Sea Angling Discussion
    Hey all has anyone tried or know off anyone ground baiting off the shore, I've never seen/heard of it(I have only been fishing seriously for a year tho) if so how would I go about it or is it even possible to get it out and have it stay where you want it cheers
  2. General Sea Angling Discussion
    I'm going to be fishing off shore next week in Portugal, some ways out, off a sailboat. I don't know much about what i'm doing, wondered if someone could give me some pointers on best lure to use, test line to buy, etc? I'll be setting sail with my 12 yr old son on Friday 29th July for 4 days...
  3. Rest of the World
    MAY CATCH REPORT - QUEPOS, COSTA RICA May is one of the slower months of the year for visitors here in Quepos and whilst the huge Sailfish numbers have moved away from our coast there is some fantastic fishing to be had with lots of variety. The stories of the month were the excellent Yellow...
  4. Rest of the World
    We did 10 trips aboard our boat the GOOD DAY during June with a mixture of Offshore & Inshore fishing. We had an epic Black Marlin battle on 18 June with a 73 year old Robert who fought the fish for 2 hours, 10 minutes before the line broke on the 30lb class Sailfish outfit, ouch! The Marlin...
1-4 of 4 Results