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  1. South & West Wales Catch Reports
    Hi guys need advice on fishing ogmore or southerdown this coming Sunday 28/01/17 Best place to park? Good locations to fish? Most preferred rigs and size hooks? Which baits? Rough,clean or mixed ground? Any help much appreciated as I've only dangled my worm in Barry and Cardiff for last 5 years...
  2. South & West Wales Catch Reports
    Morning, I'm keen to get out fishing today and not sure what's worth fishing or where's safe with the big tides. I usually fish off the rocks at ogmore, and I have fished a largish tide (9.5/10m) there before early in the year and struggled off the rocks. Is the shingle beach infront of car...
  3. South & West Wales Catch Reports
    Good morning, Im after some advice on a good high water mark in porthcawl, fancy a change after not having much luck at ogmore off the beach only a doggy caught in the last 4 visits. looking to go out this evening so any help will be much appreciated.
  4. South & West Wales Catch Reports
    im going to ogmore tomorrow night for the first time and I have never fished there before. I was just wondering if anybody has fished there in the last week and what's beimg caught so I have and idea what bait to bring along. Thanks Jamie
1-4 of 4 Results