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  1. Fastliner 16 hood/cuddy

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    Hi, New member. Owner of 16ft fastliner. Just looking to see if anyone had a 2nd hand collapsible Dodger (pram hood) or cabin that they would be looking to offload? Cabin from a longliner wont fit as already tried and fastliner has wider beam. Dont know about strikeliner 16+ cuddy so if any...
  2. Orkney 520 outboard size

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    Hi All, intersted in opinions of weather it is worth getting a 40hp on a 520 Orkney, as seen a lot of talk of 30hp versions not performing very well on max speed. will a 40hp perform better? or is down to the hull design? Assuming two people and angling gear on board. Thanks.
  3. Shore Orkney 2018 part 2

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Orkney Island 2018 part 2 I woke up on day 2 about 2 hrs before low water, with the rain still not here but the wind was a lot stronger and coming straight from the South. First call was to drive to Scapa Bay to dig a few fresh worms. It was obvious very early on that Plan A was not going to...
  4. Shore Orkney 2018 Part 1

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Orkney Islands September 2018 (Part 1) We arrived at St Margarets Hope on the 15th September after a pretty uneventful 13hr trip. We were greeted with nice calm weather & I was keen (once the LHG was settled) to take advantage of the good weather. I’d only brought a small amount of bait with me...
  5. Shore Sea fishing Orkney what a difference a day makes

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Orkneys 18th – 22nd Nov 2017 When you do a search of t’internet for ‘sea fishing in the Orkneys’, not a lot comes up. I first ventured up there in 2012 when money was tight, and I was (if I’m honest) suffering a little bit of depression. The trip was with my sea fishing club (MADSAC) Meltham...

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    I have my Orkney up for sale as I'm moving and cannot take the boat. The boat has a 25hp, Yamaha oil injection outboard which has had it's annual overhaul service and tune up about 6 weeks ago. It also comes with anchor with chain and rope, mooring ropes and buoys as well as a road trailer...