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  1. Scotland Catch Reports
    Does anyone know if Conger Eels can be caught in and around Stromness in Orkney? Was going to have a go off the South Pier. If not where are congers most commonly found from the shore on the Orkney mainland? Cheers
  2. Boat Owning Groups
    Hi, New member. Owner of 16ft fastliner. Just looking to see if anyone had a 2nd hand collapsible Dodger (pram hood) or cabin that they would be looking to offload? Cabin from a longliner wont fit as already tried and fastliner has wider beam. Dont know about strikeliner 16+ cuddy so if any...
  3. Boat Owning Groups
    Hi All, intersted in opinions of weather it is worth getting a 40hp on a 520 Orkney, as seen a lot of talk of 30hp versions not performing very well on max speed. will a 40hp perform better? or is down to the hull design? Assuming two people and angling gear on board. Thanks.
  4. Scotland Catch Reports
    Orkney Island 2018 part 2 I woke up on day 2 about 2 hrs before low water, with the rain still not here but the wind was a lot stronger and coming straight from the South. First call was to drive to Scapa Bay to dig a few fresh worms. It was obvious very early on that Plan A was not going to...
  5. Scotland Catch Reports
    Orkney Islands September 2018 (Part 1) We arrived at St Margarets Hope on the 15th September after a pretty uneventful 13hr trip. We were greeted with nice calm weather & I was keen (once the LHG was settled) to take advantage of the good weather. I’d only brought a small amount of bait with me...
  6. Scotland Catch Reports
    Orkneys 18th – 22nd Nov 2017 When you do a search of t’internet for ‘sea fishing in the Orkneys’, not a lot comes up. I first ventured up there in 2012 when money was tight, and I was (if I’m honest) suffering a little bit of depression. The trip was with my sea fishing club (MADSAC) Meltham...
1-6 of 7 Results