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peeler crab

  1. Peeler Crabs

    Whitby, Holderness & The Humber Catch Reports
    Hello everyone! I've started my preparation for the autumn/winter season and decided to have a wonder to try and find some peelers for my freezer. Unfortunately my ventures have not been very successful but gave me a chance to recce some new marks! I have two questions: 1. Would anyone...
  2. Seaford Saturday 23-11-2019

    South Coast & CI Catch Reports
    Hi. Fished Seaford Saturday from 14.00-22.00, rainy weather i was soaking wet but was worth the effort. Caught 2x 3 lb conger eels, 2x dogfish, 1x Whiting. I was also managed to net 20x peeler crabs which didn't peel easy and shrimp on old stinky mackerel. Peeler crabs with squid seemed to be...
  3. Best website for fresh/frozen baits?

    Bait Discussion
    hi everyone, Just curious as to what online shops you get your baits from? I’ve never brought online before so I’m slightly curious! Looking for some recommendations! T.I.A :)
  4. Baits and rigs for sea trout.

    Shore Angling
    Hi folks I’m just after some advice on the best baits for catching sea trout from the beach and different set ups for fishing the baits. I usually use small sandeels but have heard peeler crab is good but have no idea how to get it on a hook and not just look like a ball of bait elastic! Cheers
  5. how do i know if peeler crab is ok? or what to look for when going to buy it ?

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    anyone got some good links to get some peeler crab? im fishing down light house, and redwick south wales, newbie so want the best bait i can find
  6. when softy crabs turn hard shell or just

    Bait Discussion
    hi all just thought a would share this i fished some time back of the Great Orm in my novice newbie state. I went and hunted down the good old peeler as the price in the shop made me heart nearly give in so i found my own soft crab yep i had it all wrong i did how ever have some luck as i got...
  7. Bait wanted - Exeter area

    Angling Item SALE or SWAP.
    After some bait, preferably rag worm, lug worm or peeler crab, if anybody has any nearby, or reletibely close (willing to travel) then I would be happy to buy some. Thanks

    Angling Item SALE or SWAP.
    SOLD Excellent condition, no bag £160 + £18 next day delivery. Frozen peelers £100.00 med/large vac packed £100 hundred + £16 next day delivery before 1 pm.
  9. Frozen Peeler crab

    Angling Item SALE or SWAP.
    Frozen Peeler crab, peeled with gills removed. £45.00 per 50 £15 next day delivery before 12 noon. The perfect bait to make cocktails with over the Xmas period & New Year whether your pleasure or match fishing, still plenty of rays, cod & bass showing for those anglers prepared to go off the...
  10. Advice Buying peeler crab

    South West Catch Reports
    Hi guys does anyone know anyone selling peeler crab in Carmarthenshire area?
  11. Peelers anyone?

    South Coast & CI Catch Reports
    Hi all, anyone in Southampton area selling any crab please? Thanks! Mark