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  1. Whitby, Holderness & The Humber Catch Reports
    Hello everyone! I've started my preparation for the autumn/winter season and decided to have a wonder to try and find some peelers for my freezer. Unfortunately my ventures have not been very successful but gave me a chance to recce some new marks! I have two questions: 1. Would anyone...
  2. Bait Discussion
    hi everyone, Just curious as to what online shops you get your baits from? I’ve never brought online before so I’m slightly curious! Looking for some recommendations! T.I.A :)
  3. Bait Discussion
    Hi all, I have never been out crabbing for peelers, but wanted to give it a go. I know they only have a short window of peeling and sometimes have a second moult later in the year, but have I missed the boat for now, or are they still peeling. Not asking for anyones secrect locations or...
1-3 of 3 Results