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  1. Scotland Catch Reports
    Fished Elliot beach, Arbroath from 11:50 to 21:00.Tides LT=14:40 HT 21:24,Bait mackie,bluey,peeler crab,lugworm,dead ragworm. Weather misty,cloudy odd shower, water clear nice waves. You may notice dead rag in bait that is because i forgot to change paper before i went to bed, when i seen them...
  2. Scotland Catch Reports
    Fished Riverside Dundee,15:50 to 20:00, LT=18:17 1.7 HT=00:41, 5.0. Bait mackie, bluey, black lug, squid, Water plenty waves,dirty,Weather wind from s/w, some cloud,dry. Well decided i had to get out not been out this year yet so headed doon the river. Talk about a slow shift it took about...
  3. Scotland Catch Reports
    Watch Terally bay pt1 + pt2 HERE Watch West tarbet bay HERE I hope you enjoy watching videos as much i do making them.
  4. Scotland Catch Reports
    Fished Anstruther red pier,11:00 to 21:15, Tide LT=13:50 HT=20:23, Bait mackie,bluey,ragworm,lugworm,squid, Weather cloudy stayed dry though,water some mice waves. I had intended to fish Elliot beach Arbroath but Sean was working and thought let's go somewhere different so i took myself to...
  5. Scotland Catch Reports
    I normally put my video's up in a section on this forum specifically for video's but can't for the life of me find it again. So i thought i would put it up here.....if that's ok. Click here for video.
1-5 of 5 Results