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  1. Casting Forum.
    Most informative pendulum casting video I've viewed explains all the essential points of the casting process from start to finish.HOPE THIS HELPS ANYBODY WHO WANTS TO LEARN THIS CASTING TECHNIQUE.
  2. Casting Forum.
    Good morning all I have just switched over to multplier from continental gear and I am absolutely gutted I didnt start any earlier. I actually love it alot more than i thought I would. My casting are getting on just fine, but there is something that is in the back of my mind... with the...
  3. Casting Forum.
    Hi All, very keen for some one to one tuition on casting, I normally use the overhead thump but can put together a cruddy pendulum on a field. Would love to learn to add some extra distance, improve my open beach pendulum and learn a "fishing" pendulum for more restricted marks. Can do weekends...
1-3 of 3 Results