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  1. Kayak Angling Forum
    Fair enough we love the sea fishing , but that's just too far , so we just go local with that Big loch . Good to get back doing what we love most , paddling in wilderness . We have so much water on our doorstep .
  2. General Lure Fishing
    Do any of you have a "go too" or favourite soft plastic lure for tempting perch.?
  3. Kayak Angling Forum
    We are always up for a good paddle and fish . Love the big water . 7 miles paddle Early catch Awesome scenery Shine on Nice perch Plenty space Love Scotland .
  4. Kayak Angling Forum
    This week we went down to loch Ken for a kayak fishing competition . The place was busy , great to see many people involved in this sport . Made a small video of the trip : Loads of people . Kool gears . Scenic Some fish Under the bridge The locals . Still . Failed ...
  5. Kayak Angling Forum
    Find a nice scenic place . Use a couple of set up . Fish light . Enjoy the peace and scenery . Tag along with a friend . Enjoy the fun .
  6. Carp and Coarse
    So me and my partner have spent the last week staying in Faversham, Kent and my partner was determined for us to find a way to fish the river Stour for free... We plotted a few places on our map and went for a drive, each day a bit of trial and error until we could find somewhere worth...
  7. Kayak Angling Forum
    This week we went perch fishing . loch Lomond is good for kayaking . Plenty fish on soft lures . Good healthy looking perch . Cracking scenery . Drop shot fun straight under the kayak . Kool day out , love Scotland . Lovely perch !
  8. Kayak Angling Forum
    This week we went wild and scenic . The action and weather was good ! Miles of water . Love perch fishing . A little too early for the fly . Made in Scotland .
  9. Kayak Angling Forum
    On the plus side the temperatures are rising . This week we travelled to Loch Lomond . Plenty silver fish about . We just sat there . The pier was buzy . Had to locate the shoal . Loads of bite . Enjoying the scenery . A wild perch . Pike trying to steal a roach ! Always...
  10. Kayak Angling Forum
    We made it to the first of April , it's spring in Scotland and still feels like winter . Anyway we decided to fish Loch Lomond and ledger for species . Chance in a million . We soon found some fish , anchored and ledgering . We have so much water to fish from . Starting with the...
  11. Kayak Angling Forum
    We enjoy kayak fishing just about anywhere , this week we went to Loch Lomond . Around the corner we met the float tuber . Those guys can fish . Fishing was slow . Those alien species have multiplied . This is a ruffe . And then some roach . Beautiful silver . We enjoyed the scenery ...
  12. Kayak Angling Forum
    This week we went scenic and fresh looking for some perch . A beautiful morning and the Loch was like Glass We paddled away looking for some action . Little jig head and lrf rod in hand we soon found some sport . Really nice looking perch . To mix up the adventure I had a few cast on...
  13. Kayak Angling Forum
    Just a few years back kayak fishing was something unheard of , fishing from something unstable was not everyone cups of tea , however with time things improved greatly and eventually the troops rallied . This is Loch Ken 3rd edition . Situated in the galloway forest the loch is merely 11miles...
1-13 of 13 Results