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  1. What’s good Bait for Peterhead pier

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Going upto Peterhead on Sunday, any good for mackerel fishing?? Unless anyone can put me on to somewhere in between Aberdeen and Peterhead. Thanks in advance guys
  2. Peterhead to aberdeen

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Looking for some advice on places to fish between peterhead and Aberdeen. Targeting any species. Got a few spinning rods and looking to catch some fish! Used to drop some bait over the breakwater at peterhead and get a few but not had much in a while
  3. newbie in Aberdeenshire

    Newbie Introduction Forum
    morning folks, moved into our house on the coast last November & while it's a bit of a project I'm looking forward to a bit of fishing occasionally. Not much experience and the the cove below our house is full of granite boulders so is a devil for taking your tackle. Tried Peterhead pier a few...
  4. Peterhead South Breakwater.....permanant closure?

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Heard from a fishing pal yesterday via someone who was in the local tackle shop that the SBW is to be permanently closed with the gates being closed for the final time in a fortnight or so. Many have their own view on the SBW and how well it fishes, but it's one of the few relatively safe places...