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  1. Europe
    Hi, I'm luckily off to Faro, Portugal at the weekend, staying near the airport just wondering if anyone knows and place to get good bait or even any good fishing marks? I'm intending on taking a beach caster and a lure rod. Any advice is very appreciated.
  2. General Sea Angling Discussion
    Hi all, my mate caught this Bream whilst boat fishing on holiday in Algarve, Portugal a couple of weeks ago. Does anyone know what species it is? Thanks in advance.
  3. Newbie Introduction Forum
    Hello everyone, I'm from Madeira Island (Portugal) and i'm new to this forum. I also share the same love for fishing as all of you guys, i've been fishing since i was a really young boy. Most of the times i do spinning, but i also like surf-casting and float. Cheers!!
    Hi guys, Later this year in August I am going to Sagres, in Portugal. I was wondering what the lure fishing was like there, but also bait if lure is not that prominent, and what kind of species one could catch. Furthermore, I would like to know what kind of lures and which specific lures work...