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  1. Bait Discussion
    First time posting on here but looking for advice where i could get live prawns in the tenby area? Not sure if any fishing boats may sell them or are they easy enough to catch? Was thinking a net in the weed around giltar point at low tide? A bait id love to use so any advice would be great.
  2. General Sea Angling Discussion
    Just after some advice on keeping prawns alive at home, in a tank for a long period of time. Any advice is welcome on equipment etc.
  3. Bait Discussion
    No, dont worry. I'm not going to ask about supermarket prawns, cooked or raw. I have been thinking about baits though. Prawns came to mind and I thought about catching some of a night for use on the hook. Either before a session or to be frozen. So the questions I have are.. 1. I live in...
  4. Bait Discussion
    Hi guys Fishing the Bristol, channel seems a lot of the cod are full of prawns and crab but we all stick to worm! Just wondering is anyone has gone out and used prawn as a bait and how did you get in with it? Chris
  5. Bait Discussion
    Hi all, Finally got round to registering here. I’d like to ask the shrimp experts out there if I may. Do you see them all year round or is there a season? I’ve only just got into scavaging them to use as bait for Bass so not been that many times but since the recent storm they seem to have...
1-5 of 5 Results