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  1. Red letter day !

    General Sea Angling Discussion
    Well what can I say after my last trip out I wanted to put the rods away and take up golf but eventually I got the itch again and was soon looking at venues and conditions. I finally came to the conclusion that I would have a ray hunt down selsey. I arrived down about 6pm and was surprised to...
  2. Recent Local Sessions

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    Been fishing from Barry to Morfa over the past 2 weeks. Been fishing really well, with the rays coming out at Fontygary, just need a thornback now to complete the welsh ray slam. Smoothounds from Barry, Llantwit and Morfa. Been lush being back out during this uncertain time. Baits used, Squid...
  3. VMO Boat Fishing Trip - June 2019

    Boat Angling / Angling Afloat
    Earlier this month, four of the VMO guys enjoyed a day’s boat fishing out of Minehead. We’ve put together a short video featuring the highlights of the day
  4. Boat Morning Of Rays

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    Yesterday started flat calm as we locked out of the bay at 5:30am, headed to North Cardiff where we anchored up for 2 hours on the ebbing tide. Only the one thornback ray came out before the wind picked up against tide and forced us to move inshore around Penarth. 3 other boats were around...
  5. Catch up of my years angling.

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Not posted a report in a long time. So heres a report of my trips so far this year..... I have had many trips sw this year and had some nice rays bass hounds huss and tope as well as dogs etc...biggest ray at 9lb 14oz hounds at the 8lb + range with some bass at the 5lb + mark and huss around 6lb...
  6. Isle of wight - Blackgang Tips

    South Coast & CI Catch Reports
    Afternoon everyone. im getting the opportunity to visit the island next weekend and thought i might as well bring my gear and try a different location. I have done a bit of research and the names Chale and Blackgang keep comming up as prime spots for rays and a mixed bag. I have never been here...
  7. Walton pier Wednesday gone

    South East Catch Reports
    So Pumped for a sunny day with a little breeze , baits were prepped,all hooks changed etc , left the house in the Jurassic park wagon and I have to admit, I was quietly confident Open the car doors and whoof, the hats flown off. Not a great sign. Opted for 2/3s of the way up . 2 rods , both...
  8. Ringstead bay intrest

    South Coast & CI Catch Reports
    Hey everyone, first time poster and new member here. Looking for some advice fishing at ringstead. I have fished other marks like worbarrow, dancing ledge and chisel but looking for somwhere new and the reef in range of a cast and some deeper cleaner water on the east side in the bay is almost...
  9. Boat Oystercat 02-08/04/2017

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    02/04/2017 The locks were closed for 2 weeks; so the 2nd of April was the first trip out in Swansea in a couple of weeks. Only 3 of us on board so we had plenty of space. We started the day in Oxwich - normally we'd try drifting around this time of year to avoid the dogfish, but as there was...
  10. Shore Bream fail, 3 doubles to compensate in the mist.

    South Coast & CI Catch Reports
    It's at this time of year that bream start to show on the south coast and usually a little after they show on the Sussex shores they appear on Dorset's rocky coastline. Steve Harder & I had decided to have our first go at catching some from rough ground this year and jumped at the first break in...
  11. Boat Video: On the Rays!

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    Hi Gents I havnt posted anything in ages, having bought a few jet skis and the boat needing some tlc I didnt get out last year and was late starting this year!:rolleyes: When I started this year I did some diving and some spearfishing which is banned from here so no good posting!!:eek...
  12. Shore Southbourne - Catch Report

    South Coast & CI Catch Reports
    Steve Harder, Matty Pitter and I all nipped out for a short session and my old Dad even came along for a bit of fresh air. We had small eyed's, sole, mackerel, bass, turbot and even a codling of 3lb 8oz which went to Steve at only 30 yards. The spot had been on my black list for a while, but...