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  1. Local for species

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Fishing is fun , little challenging at times with a few lesson to learn and bags of fresh air . We'r the kayakers . We enjoy the great outdoors and some exercise . This week it is the submarine lane near Helensburgh . Group kayaking is safe . Enjoy the video . Some fish , fun and the Trident...
  2. Red band fish , Champion !

    Kayak Angling Forum
    Good day on the kayak lads , near Glasgow in the firth of Clyde . 2 new amazing species in one day including a Dragonette . Red bandfish is quite amazing , look at it swim away . And the Dragonette . And the goldsinny wrasse . Nice day out . with my buddies and the inevitable mackerel ...
  3. New species

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Out and about , small exercise and plenty fresh air , this time we went exploring the Clyde estuary . And a first . A dragonnette . Those fish are not as common as the haddock , cod and mackerel . Goldsinny wrasse . And another amazing catch . The red bandfish . Those are even harder to...
  4. Local check

    Scotland Catch Reports
    We did not have to travel too far this week , we went down the Clyde , actually Rhu . We did not have to paddle far either , we decided to shelter from the cold easterly wind . We enjoy Lrf fishing , either on soft lure or drop shot . We soon found some fish . A few species here and...
  5. The Clyde is alive

    Kayak Angling Forum
    There is a little video of what to expect in the Clyde . Remember back in the days the Clyde estuary used to be hot . This in 2018 . Nice and calm we paddled away . Working the little heracles lure fun began . Plenty of those little saithe Drop shotting was fun too . Little scenery too...
  6. So , what's in the Clyde ?

    Scotland Catch Reports
    It's kayak Monday . The weather is cooler , let's see if there is any fish left in the clyde . Today we start from Rhu point . Great to be on the water , it's flat calm . Working the soft lure .The mackerel are still about . Plenty of those pollock , coley , great fun on light tackle ...
  7. Fishless Edition , Rhu narrows and loch Long

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Expectation . Key word in fishing . We expect to catch something , anything . How many time do you go fishing and you do know you are going to catch something ? We live in hope , on the day we just did that , Three kayak fishers taking on the massive challenge to catch anything on the Clyde...
  8. Message in a bottle

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Every Monday I try to organise a little kayak fishing trip , we have made many friends that way and enjoyed some great time on the water . Yesterday we went to rhu in the Clyde estuary looking for some species . Seven kayaks on the water , good weather , light wind and no rain . I went super...
  9. The Rhu Narrows .

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Welcome to 2016 . The new season started pretty grim weather wise . Early january and no one have noticed the days are gradually getting longer . The wind is still blowing , the clouds are still threatening and you wonder why you are venturing out there .The best way to beat the winter blues is...