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  1. what is the role of weight on a mepp for Sea trout

    Freshwater & Saltwater Lure Fishing.
    Hi there im currently trying to get into sea trout fishing in estuary's and rivers and ive been using mepps that i have made myself and having some success. Im wondering if anyone can tell me the appropriate weight match to conditions IE when you would use a heavier mepp as apposed to a lighter...
  2. River Stour Fishing, Kent

    Carp and Coarse
    So me and my partner have spent the last week staying in Faversham, Kent and my partner was determined for us to find a way to fish the river Stour for free... We plotted a few places on our map and went for a drive, each day a bit of trial and error until we could find somewhere worth...
  3. Gorleston 24/02/19

    East Coast Catch Reports
    Arrived down the river opposite the lighthouse at 11:30am with the boy. Sadly Gorleston tackle was out of fresh lug so settled for some frozen blacks and some mackerel out of the freezer. The river was completely flat calm hardly any movement at all and no weed. No fish to report except multiple...

    Bait Discussion
    Hi people im new to fishing rivers and looking for some spots around strood that aint to snaggy ive tried medway city and and gilliingham peir but drew nothing any advice on frozen baits would be welcomed as as well as rigs im doing it with my little girl and there is no chance of her going...
  5. anyone catching on the river medway

    South East Catch Reports
    Hiya everyone im just curiouse if any of u are catching anything on the medway latly
  6. PB Huss

    South West Catch Reports
    Went to a deep water mark on the fal today couple hours either side of low water. baits were eel and mackrel First cast saw a doggie , second a whiting, third a doggie , fourth a small Huss , then a couple more whiting and on my last cast I finally found what I set out for , a big Huss one...