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    Footage of my recent bass fishing trip in Portugal!! Hope you enjoy it!
  2. South Coast & CI Catch Reports
    This is a short one as I am in pieces after pulling another all nighter for a couple of species of rockling upto 1lb11oz, lots of small bites on big baits with the tide pulsing all night long. Rob managed the target species in the small hours and what a beautiful looking fish it was, stunning...
  3. General Sea Angling Discussion
    I thought some of you may like to see a couple of videos of fish going back in last nights calm conditions. The full blog will follow tonight or tomorrow morning with all of the species, images & details.
  4. General Sea Angling Discussion
    I thought i'd try a slightly different style from the usual angling format, here is a piece from my most recent outing: Cheers Chris Blog: Facebook/Youtube/Instagram...
  5. South Coast & CI Catch Reports
    It was 11pm and the three anglers were sat in a car park looking out into the exposed open water toward the distant Channel Islands, the rain ran down the car windows like hundreds of streaks of fibre optic cable catching rays of light as Portland Bill's lighthouse pivoted in the thick mist...