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  1. South East Classifieds & Services
    Can thread be deleted please, both sold, thank you👍
  2. Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    Hi Guys Looking at doing some boat trips soon. Will I get away with using a heavy spinning rod, 9' 1-3oz for jigging feathers or am I better getting a boat rod? As I'll only be going occasionally I'd rather just use what i have if its suitable. Thanks
  3. Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    Evening all, Has anyone used the new Icon M Sport MKIII Match/Power? If so, how do they compare to other rods in the price range, i.e. original M-Sports, Imax FR, etc? If anyone has any other recommendations of rods between £100 and £200 I'd like to hear them, I currently use an Imax FR Plus...
  4. Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    Tronix pro 3 piece cobra g2 x 2 Lets put thesw through their paces . Every detail on these rods is mint. Light as a feather , will be no problem holding this for hours in the surf, Just very happy right now Thanks tronixpro
  5. Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    I aminterested in Jumprize allwake 108 monster battle or yamaga blanks ballistick 11mh tz/nano or apia relyer 113mh Anyone has experience with these? I have already zenaq. It is more for heavy rock fishing. Searching a medium class rod with fast action.
  6. Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    From July this year i will be travelling around Asia starting in the north of Vietnam, as an avid angler at home i'm looking to broaden my horizons and take advantage of the stunning beaches and coastlines Vietnam has to offer. I am a complete beginner however, when it comes to sea fishing, i...
  7. Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    looking for some quick advice - I'm going to Cuba and want to cast far out on 201b line and a rod that could handle GT style fish if ever I get to that ocean. But plenty of fish can do damage and I don't want a long fight that hurts the fish... So I'm thinking 4 piece better than a telescopic...
  8. Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    Is the rod above a Good rod because it seems to be at a very reasonable price and looks the part . Any ideas ?
  9. Beginners and Improvers
    I need a new rod badly and would like to get a good quality rod for under £100. I fish over clean ground for flatfish but every now and again I go rock fishing . I'm looking into getting the tf gear banshee twin tip or the Shakespeare agility 15ft surf 2-4oz . Does anyone know anything about...
  10. Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    has anyone had any experience with one of these or heard if they are any good ? I'm on a very tight budget so can't be spending a lot of money and these go for £35 on eBay , I know there not gonna be top quality but just seeing if they are worth buying , I've currently got a ron Thompson 13ft so...
  11. Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    Can anyone tell me if the Icon sport match tip fits the sport power butt and is there any difference in the two butts.
  12. Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    not to sure if I'm allowed to post this delete if needed, basically new to fishing have been fishing for past 2 years with a fixed spool and looking to upgrade to a multiplier so wondering if anyone has a rod and reel combo for sale, cheers in advance guys.
  13. Beginners and Improvers
    hello guys!! I have managed to save some money (£200) and decided I am going to buy my first "descent" rod. I have decided to go with the Vercelli range. Mainly because i heard they are fairly light in weight..(i have a back problem, cant handle heavy rod.) I have been researching it and like...
  14. Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    Hello guys and Girls!! As you know christmas is coming.. and my brother is willing to spend £200 max for a christmas present... Im thinking of getting a surf/beach rod, a rod that i wont be scared of it snapping when i lob the weight out in the ocean.. Here are some specs that i want. 1. Between...
  15. Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    Hey all, looking for a bit of advice I recently acquired a unused Penn Iternational V IGFA 12lb rod [ full roller model] and I plan on making it my go to rod for the odd chance i am out looking for bigger fish i also plan on using it in the med for tuna, dorado , grouper etc when out visiting...
1-15 of 17 Results