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  1. Hastings report 1st Nov Love hate relationship with whiting..

    South East Catch Reports
    So a quick catch report from Hastings, East Sussex. er.... Whiting i only had an hour or so to fish and as usual it was an ill prepared rushed session but the whiting were there in thier droves. Bait was Nice sticky black lug that seems to be making an apearance recently. This time of year can...
  2. Shore Brighton Marina 17th April- Catch report.

    South Coast & CI Catch Reports
    Catch report from Brighton Marina. I havnt fished here for 15 years so this was a little bit of a redicovery for me. I got down for about 7 A.M and the idea was to fish the top of tide to see if i could find a smoothhound or maybe a Plaice. PARKING- I wasnt going to pay the extortionate parking...