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  1. Kayak Angling Forum
    Taking you up to the highlands this week . Great scenery Some nice pollock Good ballan wrasse
  2. Kayak Angling Forum
    Good day on the kayak lads , near Glasgow in the firth of Clyde . 2 new amazing species in one day including a Dragonette . Red bandfish is quite amazing , look at it swim away . And the Dragonette . And the goldsinny wrasse . Nice day out . with my buddies and the inevitable mackerel ...
  3. Scotland Catch Reports
    From time to time we like to challenge ourselves a little bit more . We know the risk involved , so this week we picked the A team . Kayaking is dangerous enough so we went for the ( sharks) . Those fish can test your gears , stability and so on . We smashed it : We had to catch some fresh...
  4. Kayak Angling Forum
    Sit tight and enjoy the ride . Welcome to Scotland , loch lomond . Starting from the west side we paddled and fish , exploring every bay . A cold day to be on the water . Good condition but slow fishing . We went exploring , the scenic tour . Islands ans scenery . Plenty space and craking...
  5. Scotland Catch Reports
    I enjoy fishing light , working those little lures just above the kelp bed . From time to time I can feel a fish nudging the lure , anticipating a good take . Once the fish is on I set the drag accordingly , the rod won't break ! I enjoy catch and release and most fish go back and sound keeping...
1-5 of 5 Results