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  1. Kayak Angling Forum
    Plenty restriction our days so we had to fish local and fresh . Fresh it was .. Good start 2021 . TIGHT LINES ALL ..
  2. Kayak Angling Forum
    Sometime it's just too windy for the sea , so we just go local and ride the big loch . Another cool adventure Lovely spot of fishing . Mountains all over . Shallow and deep . Some nice fish . Big that size and wild . Enjoy ..
  3. Kayak Angling Forum
    Monster in there . This week we went fresh on the Big Loch . Nice good Adventure . Love autumn . Good friends . Lure fishing . Lurvly perch . Islands . One monster catch . Enjoy the Video . Made in Scotland . .
  4. Scotland Catch Reports
    Friends and the great outdoors . Well worth a watch , many fish species , great scenery, adventure and a laugh . . Cool Wrasse . Beautiful . Near tropical . Simply cold , simply wet , simply awesome from Central Scotland kayak anglers . Enjoy the pictures , video . Tight lines all . Nico .
  5. Beginners and Improvers
    Hi there, I’m fairly new to sea fishing (been on a couple of boat trips per year out of Eyemouth for the last couple of years) but i’d really like to try some shore fishing for pollock or mackerel. I’m based in Glasgow so looking for some places within 1-1.5 hours drive where I could spin or use...
  6. Scotland Catch Reports
    Sat 11th of July I had checked the weather all week all looked good picked up at 5am and all was ready on the boat and out by quarter to 6. after about an hour of steaming over to one of the wrecks just west of Aberlady bay the waves had picked up a bit so I wasn't feeling the best (note to self...
  7. Kayak Angling Forum
    Good day on the kayak lads , near Glasgow in the firth of Clyde . 2 new amazing species in one day including a Dragonette . Red bandfish is quite amazing , look at it swim away . And the Dragonette . And the goldsinny wrasse . Nice day out . with my buddies and the inevitable mackerel ...
  8. Scotland Catch Reports
    Well it was a clear sat morning at the early time of 5am (got to hate tides). The boat was ready and the rods were out. First fishing trip out on the boat this year had began. Straight out from fisherrow harbour on our floating yellow banana to beat the tide so we don't get stuck. The first hour...
  9. Scotland Catch Reports
    Hi guys, looking for some help. I’m from NI but I go to university here. Can anyone help me with good marks between Kirkcaldy and Buckshaven? Beaches, rocks - I’m prepped for either. Many thanks in advance
  10. Kayak Angling Forum
    Fair enough we love the sea fishing , but that's just too far , so we just go local with that Big loch . Good to get back doing what we love most , paddling in wilderness . We have so much water on our doorstep .
  11. Scotland Catch Reports
    what's the guidance on using small boats as the lockdown is lifted? cant seem to find anything specific? TIA
  12. Scotland Catch Reports
    This was originally posted on the Boat Fishing section but was advised I might have better luck on here. Hi all Looking for any boat fishers from Edinburgh and Midlothian. I have bought a small fishing boat at the end of last year. Its going to be based out of Musselburgh harbour (Fisherrow)...
  13. Scotland Catch Reports
    I'm curious if there are many sharks on the east coast particularly around the forth?. As i'm thinking of trying my luck in the forth once I can get my boat out. All the posts about shark fishing seem to be either on the west coast or further up north??
  14. Boat Angling / Angling Afloat
    Hi all Looking for any boat fishers from Edinburgh and Midlothian. I have bought a small fishing boat at the end of last year. Its going to be based out of Musselburgh harbour (Fisherrow) Does anyone know any decent boat marks nearby as iv only really boat fished from Dunbar before never out of...
  15. General Sea Angling Discussion
    Has anyone noticed that when the weather and conditions are perfect for fishing something stops you?? The weather up here in Edinburgh is lovely (by our standards) the forth is flat and begging for the boat to come out. Even the rivers and reservoirs are clear and perfect. And where are we...
  16. Kayak Angling Forum
    We had some crazy weather this winter , it's not great yet but a least the wind is dropping . We went on the big Loch . Good fishing , definitely a good start in the season . Fishing was good . And then another one . Wild fish . Cold and wet . nice scenery . And even some goat ...
  17. Newbie Introduction Forum
    Hi everyone, my wife walked out on me with my two kids after 15 years of marriage...:cry: so I now have a lot of spare time on my lonely hands and fancied having a go at sea fishing. All the divorce advice suggests trying a new sport to fill the empty hours, so I may make a fool of myself...
  18. Kayak Angling Forum
    We never stop enjoying the great outdoors up here in Scotland . Frozen sea loch . Still catching mackerel . Herring in there . Nice landscape . Clear water . Dogfish . other species too . Cairndow loch Fyne . Magic
  19. Scotland Catch Reports
    Loch Fyne this week for us kayakers . You guessed it , it's cold . Fish are still biting : Cold weather and very light wind . Mackerel in December . Dogs and other species too . Herring . Great scenery . Love those trips , beautiful Scotland and fresh !
  20. Kayak Angling Forum
    Went wild this week with the troops , loch Long to be precise . Good paddle and some brilliant scenery . Kayak Monday . 5 of us . Great paddle . Few species in there too . To carrick castle . Great day out . Wild too .