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  1. Scotland Catch Reports
    Right all just a quick report Plenty little Coalies in the harbor mouth as usual though not as many bigger fish today. Only about 9 - 10 fish in total. 3 decent size the rest wee ones. Then along came two little rusty red fish that I'm not too sure what they were. Could anyone let me know...
  2. General Sea Angling Discussion
    Hi hopefully in the right section. Me and my other half along with another couple are planning to go to Scotland in November for a week away. The men would like to fish while us ladies chill away from them lol. Anyway, they would like to sea fish as thats what they do already from off the...
  3. Scotland Catch Reports
    Hello everyone basically last minute trip planned to Scotland tomorrow. Will be bringing a lot of fishing gear so will definitely have rods & reels up to the environment but could really do with some advice and tips about the essentials I may need that I might have just forgot about. With it...
  4. Cooking your catch
    Inaccessible fishing . Surprise catch We smoked the mackerel We shallow fried the cod . Great challenge and perfect sea food platter . Packed fun adventure with some great actors . Tight lines all , eat fresh .
  5. Cooking your catch
    Double joy, smoked mackerel on the beach then cod fillet at home . Good trip this week considering all this is close to our doorstep . We kayak fish the Firth of Clyde got plenty species and those fresh mackerel . And even some Cod . For the cod fillet . whisk one egg . dip the cod fillet...
  6. Home Made Lures!
    Not so long ago our wee pal Rab started making some soft lures . I thought why not giving them a try and see what I could catch .
  7. Shore Angling
    Hello, im new to this communitynand relatively new to fishing! Done only fishing off piers with spinners, so mainly get pollock and mackeral, sometimes cod etc. But i want to branch out so I wanted to try some shore fishing from the beach. I dont have a beach caster, just an 11ft rod with 15lb...
  8. Scotland Catch Reports
    Back out to sea , the salt , the spay and the waves . I enjoyed the paddle more than anything else . It was tough heading to some promising ground , we certainly had to play safe . The weather forecast was right with light northerly , and with nothing to stop the wind we had to shelter behind...
  9. General Sea Angling Discussion
    Hi I'm at dunnit caravan park for a week. As anyone got any advice I about fishing the beach and dwarick pier. Bottom and lure fishing Thanks
  10. Scotland Catch Reports
    202lb common skate a few weeks ago now.. Not been on here much I forgot my password 😂😂 Caught on 2 sardines from lidil bbq range and a 10/0 meat hook Photo , measured and released in under 5 mins
  11. Beginners and Improvers
    It's been a while, but getting back in to a bit of shore fishing and got an interested nephew to motivate me! Going to Kirkcudbright for the weekend and looking for some advice. Not sure about Dhoon or Brighouse Bay due to the water quality, any advice on any other decent marks nearby, not sure...
  12. Scotland Catch Reports
    hey guys, I will be driving up the west coast of Scotland for fishing camping plus some sights and hikes but I am stuck on where to fish? not looking for permits so id guess harbours, piers and beaches where is good this time of year? 22nd - 25th roughly we will be using car and tent so...
  13. Shore Angling
    Hi guys looking for some decent places for a wild camp and good fishing any recommendations going with girlfriend and dog
  14. Scotland Catch Reports
    Hi there just looking for some advice, will be going to South Uist next week and working our way up to Stornoway over the course of the week and will be hoping to fish for some pollock to cook for dinner in the evenings, will be bringing relatively light gear with us so don't really need to be...
  15. Scotland Catch Reports
    Hi everyone. I’m fairly new to this and looking for somewhere up to 1.5 - 2 hours drive from Glasgow where I could pick up some pollock or bass from the shore using lures. Also, when in terms of both months and tide (high or low). Thanks.
  16. General Sea Angling Discussion
    --hope it is ok to post this on the general discussion board-- Hi all, This summer, probably in June, I am going to try to catch a porbeagle from the shore. I have a location in the Hebrides which is not fished at all by other people (at least not seriously) which comprises a sharp headland...
  17. Kayak Angling Forum
    Plenty restriction our days so we had to fish local and fresh . Fresh it was .. Good start 2021 . TIGHT LINES ALL ..
  18. Kayak Angling Forum
    Sometime it's just too windy for the sea , so we just go local and ride the big loch . Another cool adventure Lovely spot of fishing . Mountains all over . Shallow and deep . Some nice fish . Big that size and wild . Enjoy ..
  19. Kayak Angling Forum
    Monster in there . This week we went fresh on the Big Loch . Nice good Adventure . Love autumn . Good friends . Lure fishing . Lurvly perch . Islands . One monster catch . Enjoy the Video . Made in Scotland . .
  20. Scotland Catch Reports
    Friends and the great outdoors . Well worth a watch , many fish species , great scenery, adventure and a laugh . . Cool Wrasse . Beautiful . Near tropical . Simply cold , simply wet , simply awesome from Central Scotland kayak anglers . Enjoy the pictures , video . Tight lines all . Nico .
1-20 of 132 Results