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  1. New Member Introductions Forum
    Hi All, I've just signed up so please be nice :) I'm from Dublin and have been fishing for about 15 years since I was 12 but have yet to catch anything reasonable or worth ranting on about. I'm hoping that by joining here, reading up on tips and tricks within the forum and advice from you...
  2. Beginners and Improvers
    Hi guys, I am a newbie sea angler and I d like an opinion about this spot (pics are taken during low tide). Do you think it's good to fish here during high tide for bass, pollock and cod? And what about this beach? What techniques would you use? I have spinning rod and some plastic and...
  3. South Coast Classifieds & Services
    Spring cleaning the man cave at the weekend I found a few back issues, various dates going back to 2000, as follows: 1 * Motor Boat Monthly 2 * Total Sea Fishing 2 * Boat Fishing Monthly 2 * Sport fishing (a US publication) 14 * Sea Angler (non consecutive) Collection only, Poole area. Please...
1-3 of 3 Results