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  1. South West Catch Reports
    As I’m relatively new to Bass fishing, I couldn’t resist celebrating my first ever keeper! 😁 🐟
  2. South West Catch Reports
    Hi All, I’m a relative novice and looking for some tips on general areas of interest for a bit of fishing next weekend. I’m camping and don’t have a car, found a few sites on Portland which I may stay at. I’m bringing an 8ft mackerel spinning rod, medium weight. Several metals, patch 100, feed...
  3. South West Catch Reports
    Hi all, This is a random question but I’ll be staying in st Austell for a night with work, on Monday. I’m hoping to spin off the rocks at blackhead Tuesday and Wednesday but don’t have any accommodation. Is there anywhere I could pitch up a tent for the night without causing a problem or being...
  4. The Bass Lure Forum
    Evening troops. Weather been pretty diabolical in Jersey the passed month so getting out has been hard work. what’s everyone’s favourite lure in bad weather. Eg rough big waves and murky water? we were out the other day in some big seas using 42g SPs check her out
  5. Bass Lure Useful Information
    Morning team. we have had a amazing January in jersey in the bassles. here is our latest video catching multiple bass etc. Enjoying some of the better days over winter. enjoy fishy custard
  6. South East Catch Reports
    Hi Guys Wondering on where to go fishing (I'm in ashford) , dungeness showing wsw 15mph. Would the water be clear? How about gravesend? Some codling showing lately. Any clues much appreciated.
1-6 of 6 Results