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  1. Bandit fishing uk 24 hour ray slam challenge part 2

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    New video now live. There are some cracking fish in this one. Enjoy!
  2. Mackerel fishing rig set-up (newbie)

    Newbie Introduction Forum
    Hi Everyone, I'm looking to go mackerel fishing for the first time in ages in the next few weeks and would like some advice with set-up. I've got myself a 10ft Shakespeare mackerel rod, a 70 fixed spool reel with 20lb main line. I've got some 15ft tapered shock leaders as I will be beach...
  3. Hastings report 1st Nov Love hate relationship with whiting..

    South East Catch Reports
    So a quick catch report from Hastings, East Sussex. er.... Whiting i only had an hour or so to fish and as usual it was an ill prepared rushed session but the whiting were there in thier droves. Bait was Nice sticky black lug that seems to be making an apearance recently. This time of year can...
  4. Help! Rock fishing advice for Plymouth and wembury Bay area?

    Beginners and Improvers
    Hello :) I'm Sara, I'm very new and my fishing knowledge is limited... Hence the cry for advice. My boyfriend and me are on holiday in wembury this week, he loves fishing, but he's from New Zealand so hasn't fished UK shores successfully yet. Any advice or rough locations would be insanely...
  5. Hastings Pier catch report -Late September

    South East Catch Reports
    So before the blow whiting made an apearance and seemed to switch on and off with the tide along the Pier. However i saw a few sole being landed in daylight and during the calmer weather and when water conditions were clearer Plaice were being caught on lug. Ive actually noticed that despite...
  6. Sea Fishing Advice

    General Sea Angling Discussion
    Hi all, I live in the North West (Preston) and recently got back to sea fishing a couple of weeks ago, when I was on holiday in anglesey, wales. Unfortunately, I didnt catch anything but I've got the fishing bug back! My question is.. Wheres best to fish in the north west? Locations/spots etc...
  7. Shore Southend-On-Sea Shoeburyness Garrison East Beach Area

    South East Catch Reports
    Just wondering if anyone has ever fished the Shoeburyness Garrison East Beach Area as its my local and im beginning sea fishing and just need somewhere easy to fish and practice. Anyone ever had any luck here if so what time of year and where abouts? Any advice on rig types to would be great :)...
  8. im on short break in Nairn looking for fishing marks

    Shore Angling
    hi im in Nairn staying on the lochloy holiday parkfor a weeks break so ive decided to take along a couple of beach casters and try my luck. Not after anything special a few flatties would do. Where would the best places to try which baits ect.
  9. Shore angling the Moray firth

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Hello everyone, I have been shore fishing the Moray Firth for about a year and I'm new to sea fishing. I have had some success in Nairn, Hopeman, burghead and Lossiemouth. However I have only met one fellow angler in that time. Is there anyone on here who fishes around here and dose anyone...
  10. Advice for Barry and sully area

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    Hi guys looking for advice on the above areas in the title. Myself and a friend have the basic info and basic setup for fishing. Just want to know especially as the cod are slowly on way in, whats the best tide, location, rig setup, bait etc?? thanks inadvance