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  1. Braid for seatrout

    Freshwater & Saltwater Lure Fishing.
    Hi folks im currently using Kastkings mega 8 for seatrout but im loking to come down to abut 5lb braid, can anyone recmend me a good 8 strand braid that i can purchase in the uk? ive been looking at sunline siglon but i cant seem to get it in the uk. If anyone can help i would be most greatful...
  2. Help required for making home made mepps

    Lure DIY: Home Made Lures & Lure Fishing Tackle
    Hi there folks, im looking for advice on home made mepps, I have managed to source all materials except the wire for making the shafts off the mepp..can anyone point me in the right direction? I was considering stainless Tig wire but i have no idea on what gauge to use and if it will even be...
  3. Little bars of silver

    Scotland Catch Reports
    I had to read the weather well this week and find a good sheltered fishing spot . Windy .com is certainly helping . We went up the highlands this time looking for species . All needed is one rod , one lure ! Got sea trout and brown trout all in one spot . Mostly seatrout . had fun...
  4. has anyone made homemade hard metal lures for sea trout?

    Lure DIY: Home Made Lures & Lure Fishing Tackle
    Hi there im wondering if anyone has tried to make there own seatrout lures and if so what did you make?
  5. seatrout question

    Freshwater & Saltwater Lure Fishing.
    Hi folks got a question to ask you all, earlier in the year I caught my first seatrout. I've been hooked ever since. so I got the appropriate spinning gear and some 14g wedge lures. So far I've connected with 2 seatrout and they both have jumped and thrown the hook out of them. I'm using the...
  6. Absolutely Fyne

    Scotland Catch Reports
    This week we decided to head back to sea and enjoy the warm sunshine . It was park and go , a Fyne morning . Working the Lrf rod and the Hto small orange shad , I soon found sport in the deeper water . A couple of pollock later we went exploring up the loch . A beautiful scenic paddle ...
  7. Wanted Spinners/Lures

    Scotland Classifieds & Services
    Hello Looking to buy spinners from 20-60g in bulk. If anyone knows where I can buy packs of 10+ at a time I would be greatful! Mostly will be used for sea trout/pollack/mackerel and looking for multiple colours as well.