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  1. South Coast & Channel Islands Catch Reports
    Afternoon team. new report in the shape of a new video. Using my drone to film a shark session way out wide off the north coast of jersey. enjoy! For more updates hit us up on BTWF YouTube or on Facebook. big love all round FC
  2. South East Catch Reports
    Please see my latest video vlog from last Thursday evening at Minnis Bay. Please subscribe if you already haven't 👍
  3. Beginners and Improvers
    Here is a video on how I target, catch and safely release Blue sharks from the boat in the UK. The Blue Shark season may be over for this year but I hope the video is useful to people preparing for next year.
  4. Toothy Fish Forum
    Myself Ian and our buddy Felix decided we would get out for a few days fishing down in Courtmacsherry in West Cork. We spend one day entirely dedicated to Blue sharks and we ended up landing 19 Blues in total with one specimen Fish. We spend almost 16 hours on the boat and roughly 8 hours of...
  5. Shore Angling
    Hi There, Is anyone else going to spend his or hers holiday on the Isle of Boa Vista - Capo Verde coming April? My wife will be staying in the RIU Touareg from the 30rd of March untill the 15th of April. Maybe see you guys out there?
1-5 of 5 Results