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  1. Boat Owning, Equipment and Maintenance
    Good morning all. My husband and I are looking to buy a boat to take sea fishing off the coast of south Devon. While we’re both novices, he’s booked to do his coastal power boating course soon. We have a maximum budget of £1600 for a boat with an outboard engine. Is that a feasible amount for...
  2. Boat Owning, Equipment and Maintenance
    Has anyone on here used this companies products ? Seem ace! Have the satin finish i want in the colours i want, reasonable prices also !!! Anyonr interested in handing out sound advice for my first ever boat project feel free to check my other post, believe its titled my new old shetland 535...
  3. Boat Owning Groups
    Hi all. I bought this boat as a Shetland. Can anyone identify it's model and possible age please? The back of the boat has moulded seats either side of the outboard. Thanks in advance Faye
  4. Scotland Catch Reports
    Hi All, I am looking for some advice on what gear to take to Shetland in May for some big cod (hopefully) fishing. I have been window shopping for 2 speed, lever drag and level wind multipliers and cant decide which combination would suit best. Can anyone advise which 2 combination of the 3...