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  1. Shore Angling
    Hi guys, Just wondered if anybody’s been fishing at weybourne beach in north Norfolk recently and if so what it fishing like please ? many thanks .
  2. General Sea Angling Discussion
    Anyone heading out here in the next couple of weeks? Wondering if it's worth taking my gear out there! Cheers
  3. The Bass Lure Forum
    Headed out for a morning mooch today. Weather and winds looked good. Although my lazy ass didn’t get up in time for first light. Arrived at the location with a slight breeze to the face and fish jumping out no more than 6 ft from the shore. Launched almost every lure I had out and around to no...
  4. Northern Ireland & Rep of Ireland Catch Reports
    Hi guys new member here hopefully I’m posting this in the right place! I’m looking some advice from anyone who knows good fishing spots around Antrim and down coast I know about all the piers and tore head etc was hoping for something more off the path places I’ve only been fishing g a few...
  5. North East Catch Reports
    Hi all, Looking at going up to Filey Brigg tomorrow with a couple others. Wondering if it can be fished at high tide, can you catch anything spinning and what side is best to go on. Any advice is much appreciated, I've promised a mate his first fish! Cheers in advance.
  6. Rest of the World
    Hi all, i am heading to Sri Lanka in two weeks for a fortnight. Doing a week central then a week south coast near Hiriketiya and Mirissa. Any recommendations on where to fish on the south coast from the shore? I’ve bought a Shimano STC travel spin rod 20-60g. Wondering if a 5000 reel would be...
  7. Shore Angling
    Hi, I'm currently enjoying the cod season but I'm quite new to rough ground fishing. My questions is about my set up. My mainline is 20/25lbs with a 70lb shock leader, I use the 70lb shock leader as the rig body to make a pulley rig with a 15lb hook length and use 10lb line as a weak link for a...
  8. Beginners and Improvers
    It's been a while, but getting back in to a bit of shore fishing and got an interested nephew to motivate me! Going to Kirkcudbright for the weekend and looking for some advice. Not sure about Dhoon or Brighouse Bay due to the water quality, any advice on any other decent marks nearby, not sure...
  9. South West Catch Reports
    Hi all, This is a random question but I’ll be staying in st Austell for a night with work, on Monday. I’m hoping to spin off the rocks at blackhead Tuesday and Wednesday but don’t have any accommodation. Is there anywhere I could pitch up a tent for the night without causing a problem or being...
  10. South Coast & Channel Islands Catch Reports
    What happened to catch reports? I like to see what's happening and I know people are out there cos I see em. Ok, I'll do one, went towards Milford on Friday had a small smoothound on squid and rag, as it got dark I had my first ever spotted ray of about 2-3lb on sandeel. I also managed to loose...
  11. Beginners and Improvers
    Simple, robust and effective rough ground rig. I personally find this to be the best fishing rig to use for rough ground fishing for a range of species. Cod, Bass, Rays, Eels and Huss etc. And a video showing the rigs being used for Winter Cod fishing over rough ground.
  12. Beginners and Improvers
    Here is the video from a shore session showing how I like to target Wrasse - Ballan Wrasse and Corkwings. Also, there is a video showing how I make my "Wrasse Rig" Very simple but also very effective.
  13. Shore Angling
    Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE my boat fishing. So my shore fishing usually takes a back seat. This session however really gave me an itch to get back out on the shore again!! A long drive and hard conditions but you cannot argue with the result!!
  14. New Member Introductions Forum
    Hello everyone, I found this forum and for once I have decided to join in, and ask a few "newbie" questions. I am interested in beach fishing, and like may have just bought a pair of rods, reels and all the gubbins to start me off. However, I see a lot of photos and youtube articles where those...
  15. General Sea Angling Discussion
    Hey there, I may be heading to clifden at the end of the month if lockdown restrictions allow. If anyone could give some pieces of information about good spots where you can fish from, I dont mind beach, rocks or piers, I'm also curious as to what sort of fish you can pick up this time of...
  16. New Member Introductions Forum
    Returning to some sea fishing this year, to accompany my river trout and grayling fishing. With the Forth Coastal permit (Fishing Around The Forth website) it's now possible to fish C&R for coastal seatrout. But interested in float, spin and fly for mackerel, pollock and bass as well!
  17. Flatfish forum.
    Recently learnt that flatfish prey on gobies. I'm now wondering if you could livebait gobies/blennies/small fish etc. for Flounder or Plaice. Has anyone ever tried this or could provide me with further information? Any other unusual baits for flatfish?
  18. South East Catch Reports
    Had a session at sandwich bay at the weekend and put the video on youtube. Please watch it and like and subscribe if you enjoy it.
  19. Shore Angling
    Hi, I hope that someone can help and that I'm posting this in the correct forum? As result of an injury I need a total knee replacement and was about to have it in March just before the lockdown, however it was cancelled. Although I'm new to sea fishing I really enjoy it, even getting out into...
  20. Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    Hi, Has anyone tried emulating the PVA mesh bags that carp anglers use to get more scent by their bait from the shore? I invariably have some bait leftover after most trips and wondered if freeze drying or desiccating it, sticking it in a PVA mesh bag and using it as "groundbait" by the hook...
1-20 of 96 Results