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  1. Recent Local Sessions

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    Been fishing from Barry to Morfa over the past 2 weeks. Been fishing really well, with the rays coming out at Fontygary, just need a thornback now to complete the welsh ray slam. Smoothounds from Barry, Llantwit and Morfa. Been lush being back out during this uncertain time. Baits used, Squid...
  2. Sully Spit 23/02/2020

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    So ventured out last night with a slight break in the weather, well the wind lol it hammered down. Low water was 01:20 am I was very excited and turned up at Lavernock at 9pm lol. So a tad bit of waiting to do before getting on the spit. Literally setup in front of the campsite and sent a...
  3. Tope advice / marks / bait.... off the shore

    General Sea Angling Discussion
    Hi guys, I've targeted tope from the boat before and went places such as Falmouth, Oxwich and Tenby area. However I've never tried off the shore and Im hoping some kind people point me in the right direction. Im not asking for pin point marks just areas worth trying. Also what sort of hook type...
  4. Ian golds 7ft tripod 4 rod conversion

    Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    Hi folks was considering buying some aluminum flat bar and a spare head to modify my tripod into a 4 rod tripod, do you think the tripod would still be stable with 4 rods....i would only be using the 4 rods on clean to mixed ground, 2 x flattie fanatics on the outside and 2 14ft beachcasters...
  5. Shore Any places w coast Scotland

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Any tips for fishing spots on the West coast Scotland????
  6. What fixed spool reels should I go for?

    Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    Hi, I'm finding selecting reels abit tricky! I will be predominantly using the reels for shore fishing with heavy leads so I need something upto the task. I have a budget of £80 per reel, I originally was looking at daiwa scorecast reels but am having second thoughts, I would get second hand...
  7. Heddon one spook lures

    Lure DIY: Home Made Lures & Lure Fishing Tackle
    hello guys Just recently start lure fishing, and the first time I tried it, i have been sticking to the same lure ever since. The Heddon One spook. I must say i love it, but lately I could not get hold of the color that i wanted (the greenish one). my question.. since its a surface lure..does...

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    I need all the advice i can get on the above places on the best tides, best baits, tackle, tactics etc. as i am new to sea fishing and not getting much luck at all, many thanks in advance
  9. Retired Firefighter new to sea angling.

    Newbie Introduction Forum
    I folks just a quick introduction . I have recently retires as a fireman after 30 years and have treated myself to a new mobile home on the Co Antrim North Coast . We chose Cushendall and have been here since July . After getting settled I have now started to do a bit of sea fishing ( nearly...
  10. Shore fishing with spinning on summer time

    Shore Angling
    Hello to everyone! I am just new here. I guess summer is not the best time for spinning from shore but I have no other opportunities. Could you give some basic advises regarding summer shore fishing? I have some experience in Majorca and Greece and caught some sea basses (lavraki), Leerfish...
  11. Sea Fishing: The Why . . .

    General Sea Angling Discussion
    There are probably a few reasons why I set up the Evocative Angling blog last year; I wanted to share my angling experiences on a broader scale and a blog shared through the internet is a great platform to achieve that. I think when I started writing about my catches years ago I enjoyed the fact...
  12. Sea fishing equipment job lot

    Angling Item SALE or SWAP.
    Giving up sea fishing so I'm wanting to to sell all my equipment as a joblot. The joblot will consist of the following.... 2x penn 535 multiplier reels 2x Shakespeare Neptune beachcaster 1x Shakespeare seat box with back harness and shelf kit. A few bits and bobs of terminal tackle. £200 for...