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  1. South West Catch Reports
    i'm experimenting with catching my own bait/tea. Mussels are the easiest and tastiest option but I got myself a push net and caught the very low tide on a Newquay surf beach. An hour of tramping up and down got me a massive 19 shrimps and sunburn :BigGrin: What I was amazed about was the...
  2. Bait Discussion
    Hi all, Finally got round to registering here. I’d like to ask the shrimp experts out there if I may. Do you see them all year round or is there a season? I’ve only just got into scavaging them to use as bait for Bass so not been that many times but since the recent storm they seem to have...
  3. Bait Discussion
    have been thinking for a while that I've gotta get some shrimp and use them 2/3 per hook but can't find anywhere that sells them whole as natural as possible , any ideas where I can get them from ? Don't have any local fishmongers since asda/tescos and sainburys took over Thanks for any replies
  4. Bait Discussion
    In this video , i'm going to show how effective is the live fresh caught shrimp , even on the worst possible conditions for the white sea bream fishing , meaning that the tide is extremely low the ocean is calm and crystal clear .
1-4 of 4 Results