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  1. General Lure Fishing
    Morning Team, Been a tough week on the basels but a handfull of small Hotdogs to keep us going here in Jersey.. Ive been using the cotton candys and the red heads recently with good effect. I was out the other morning at first light.. nothing was popping off so we hit the Red head skerrie...
  2. General Sea Angling Discussion
    Good morning WSF Team, Please see our latest video from little jersey. Sidewinder Skerries doing the damage. Enjoy :) Lure Fishing for Bass | Sidewinder Skerrie Turns the fish on the bite | Spotting Gannet On the Drone - YouTube
  3. The Bass Lure Forum
    Evening team. really started a love affair with the sidewinder skerrie. Although it’s not the best casting lure it really comes into its own in the summer months. ive been using it over most terrain, weed beds (although not weedless) rocky and even sandy areas. what I want to know is, from...
1-3 of 3 Results