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  1. Europe
    I got back yesterday evening from a 9 day trip to Skottevik Feriesenter in southern Norway, just a 25-minute drive east of Kristiansand. Our group of 5 was part of a total of 35 anglers from the region and on Friday, 24 March, we drove the 900 km (560 m) to Hirtshals, took the ferry to...
  2. Europe
    I'm hors de combat at the moment, but I hope to be fit enough for my first - already fully paid-up - trip to southern Norway in 6 weeks' time (24.3.-1.4.17). There are 4 of us in our group and we're part of a larger party organised by a large tackle shop in Duisburg in conjunction with the...
1-2 of 2 Results