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  1. Hectic winter lure action!

    Scotland Catch Reports
    I haven't been out as much as Id like this Xmas/N year period as I've had my folk over, yet the few times I've been out (mainly on the inflatable) the action has been non stop... The weather has been relatively calm for the most part and the temperatures high. This has kept the fish in shallow...
  2. First time at Loch Duich

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Had my first trip to Loch Duich today I headed off from Inverness and arrived at the loch around 11ish. Quick scope about and pulled in at a lay by on the opposite side from the loch. I found a nice spot with flat rocks to set up and get the limes in the water. Beautiful scenery and nice calm...
  3. Settled but cold weather brings some good fish!

    Scotland Catch Reports
    This year November was much colder but after the rains and wind that prevailed for much of this Autumn, the dry weather was very welcome. Fishingwise things have been pretty good and theres lots of life in the water with large baitfish schoals (mostly sprats but also herring) being blitzed by...
  4. Skye lure fishing. Not winter yet!

    Scotland Catch Reports
    November was unstable weather-wise but still had some good days and surprisingly managed to find a mark with good numbers of ballan wrasse. Theyre not as common as id like up here and that session brought a smile to my face! A few weeks ago we also had the first frosts of the year but then...
  5. A quick hello

    Newbie Introduction Forum
    Hi Very new to this forum..... have used the info here a few times so thought joining would be the decent thing to do. I enjoy all types of fishing, have numerous salt and fresh species under my belt and spend a lot of time fishing Loch Ness and the surrounding area (fresh water) also the...
  6. Skye high 2016

    Scotland Catch Reports
    This has to be one of the very best kayak fishing adventure ever ! Stuey and myself made our way back to the Isle of Skye .This is our third year sampling out the beauty of this island .Five days of kayak fishing (my arms are hurting and my face is burning ) and one hillwalking trip to the Old...