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small eye ray

  1. Boat Oystercat 05-13/11/2016

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    Saturday 05th The day started early, getting to the boat around 6:30am. After doing the checks and getting everything ready we left the marina at 7:30am.We started the day having a drift around looking for mackerel, we only found one. As the north-westerly wind was fairly strong and forecast...
  2. Boat Oystercat 09/10/2016

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    As we've had an excellent summer filled with bass and bream fishing, the forecast of a brisk north easterly wind meant we'd have a chance to head up channel and do something slightly different. We started the day at 7:30am heading along the shoreline up to Aberthaw. Swansea bay was completely...
  3. Boat 22-23/07 & 06/08/2016 Oystercat

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    A bit of a mashed report here. 22nd July: The weather was good and tide time's just right for an evening trip. 5 of us boarded at 5:15pm - a few lb of sand-eels were put in the tanks. We made our way out offshore and were fishing by about 6:15pm. From the first drift to the last it was hectic...
  4. Boat Oystercat 18/10/2015

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    Dropping tides and variable forecasts didn't make it easy to formulate a plan for the weekend. As the tides were dropping I didn't really fancy a trip chasing bass, even though there are plenty about the times of the tide would have meant the day would be a little broken up. I'd been ask...
  5. Boat Oystercat 03/10/2015

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    We're almost on borrowed time for summer species; watching lures drop through the clear water will soon be swapped out for banging big smelly baits out from the boat into the racing chocolate coloured water searching for a cod. With that in mind, the tides were falling in size but the weather...
  6. Boat Oystercat 26-27/09/2015

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    Saturday - 26th Evenings and bad weather starting to draw in as we move closer and closer to winter, we decided to make the most of the reasonable forecast and head down to Lundy - probably for the last time this year. We got the first lock and made our way down to the island; stopping for bait...