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  1. South & West Wales Catch Reports
    If Dover Sole and mud appeals to you we have got the video for you. Thanks for watching!
  2. South Coast & Channel Islands Catch Reports
    Was fishing Seaford beach Saturday from 10am to 2pm, 12.00 high tide. Clear water, northern wind. Surprising only 20x anglers on the beach despite the perfect flat fish weather conditions. First fish came 5 minutes after first cast, 36cm long plaice, second fish founder 26cm, 40 minutes later...
  3. North Wales Catch Reports
    Hello! Check out our (@Lloyd S and me) new YouTube channel. We are based in South Wales but we also fish West Wales and will be making a few trips up to North Wales and further making videos along the way. Enjoy!!
  4. South East Catch Reports
    Normally I don't keep fish , but these were both badly hooked , so.much so on the retrieve berries guys had started to so dinner tonight with fresh veg from the garden !! Had this 47 cm bass and 41 cm sole in a really enjoyable couple of hours down grays . Also had another 38cm sole !!! Ragworm...
  5. South Coast & Channel Islands Catch Reports
    Obviously these is a lot of Mackerels about but no plaice or flounders. I was fishing for any flat fish yesterday 2hrs before and after the high tide but nothing caught. My both rods set up on 2 hook flappers with black lugworms top up with squid. Not a single bite from flatties only mackerels...
  6. Boat Angling / Angling Afloat
    Hi al my name is john I am a dutch guy and have a 14 foot cjr named the flying dutchman. Launcing from levington fish normal around sealand tower. . But am now after macrel and look for spots to fish wrecks . Any info more than welcome Thanks john
  7. South East Catch Reports
    Sole were a no show , won biggest fish with a 33cm flattie but sadly all i had, bumped a fish off and missed a lovely bite Pool split 3 ways as 2 others caught 18cm flounder and an eel each for combined 43 cm for each
  8. South East Catch Reports
    Little light hearted session resulted in a small pouting, a few schoolies , 2 eels and 3 sole !! All returned quickly and safely Ians ragworm doing the business as usual
  9. South West Catch Reports
    Haven't posted on here for a while but thought I'd share this. Decided to head out on my own on Friday night ignoring Cod fever. I wanted a Sole and wasn't disappointed when I found one on my first cast. Ended up with 2 Sole, 4 Plaice and a dab. Best Sole going just shy of a pound and a...
  10. Shore Angling
    hi all hope you all been catching. im off to brean sands saturday going for sole. any advice on how its been fishing ? also best tactics and rigs would be helpful. i have never fished for them before so any information would be appreciated. thanks in advance
  11. South East Catch Reports
    Kai has had a sole and an eel on his new IMAX fr match flattie rod I'm blanking on fish baits a guy just had a decent day next to me When is my time haha Looking ok for it though
  12. South East Catch Reports
    Evening all, Just got back from fishing princes parade. Absolutely glorious sunshine and not a 'ting in site :D Really quiet on the flood, then we started getting a few knocks on the ebb which resulted in a beaut of a Plaice for my father in law. Pushing 40cm and I would guess 1.5lbs...
  13. South Coast & Channel Islands Catch Reports
    Blog post (and video) about a recent trip to Chesil. We fished over two days and had 14 species between us, including some decent plaice, sole and bass :BigGrin: Blog post:
  14. Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    Right guys.. Looking to buy this rod.. mainly to target flatties and the length to give that flexibility over distance. Has anyone ever used or test one? What is the tip like? I need something that i will see a dabs breathing next to the bait lol.. Can someone give me a feedback please? Thanks
  15. South Coast & Channel Islands Catch Reports
    Fished the above yesterday with Dave (Rapunzel). Started off slow but on low tide we caught a couple of flounder. Then as it got dark I winkled in a little schoolie. Then right at the end caught my first ever sole!! It was only tiny but a cool little fish. Not an amazing sesh but not bad for...
  16. South Coast & Channel Islands Catch Reports
    Steve Harder, Matty Pitter and I all nipped out for a short session and my old Dad even came along for a bit of fresh air. We had small eyed's, sole, mackerel, bass, turbot and even a codling of 3lb 8oz which went to Steve at only 30 yards. The spot had been on my black list for a while, but...
1-16 of 16 Results