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  1. Shore Angling
    Hi guys of Somerset & Devon hoping you can help last few years my father has turned to my passion of sea angling hes been doing well but is after a Tope but from the shore not a boat. He lives abroad and our Bi annual fishing holiday is coming up where he comes and stays so...ive got 9 days to...
  2. Shore Angling
    Recently got back into sea fishing after moving to somerset, basically got the gear just no idea. I've fished Minehead harbour wall and also watchet wall today. Just would like some simple advice on fishing marks, baits and tackle to keep my morale up as I've blanked a good few times. Also never...
  3. South West Catch Reports
    Hi there, Some of you on here know me from the South East section but I am coming down to Somerset on the 26th October for week with the family and I am looking at get a bit of fishing in whilst I am there. I have fished the Bristol Channel a fair bit in the past, mostly from the pier at...
1-3 of 4 Results