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  1. Southampton based newbie..

    Newbie Introduction Forum
    Hi all, Fished the lakes as a kids. Carp and pike. Stopped for years. Started shore fishing when the mrs old man and brother took me one night. Bang into it. Mrs brother started a friendly mini match fishing league, few quid on entry for prizes and points. Loving it! I'll be about on here...
  2. Advice Weston Shore

    South Coast & CI Catch Reports
    Hi all, New to sea fishing. Fished the lakes for carp and pike as a kid and now with the mrs old man and brother got back into fishing the shores and bang into it. So much so, the mrs brother has started a FB group amongst mates and we now do monthly friendly matches across some marks around...
  3. Southampton lure fishing for a newbie

    Newbie Introduction Forum
    Would love to hear any advice or pointers for light tackle lure fishing around Southampton. My experience is all from abroad and mostly trolling. I've bought a very lightweight (possibly a mistake?) set up in the hopes of hearing that sweet sweet sound of a screaming drag! Any advice you can...
  4. Magazine lane

    South Coast & CI Catch Reports
    Hi all, my first post here. I fished magazine lane Monday night after work. Started fishing around 6:30. Started off very slow with only a few nocks, started off with just one rod with a clipped down rig small hook. Nothing much happening got the second rod out with a 2 hook flapper closer rage...
  5. Mayflower Park Advice

    South Coast & CI Catch Reports
    Hello, This Saturday I am intending to go fishing to Mayflower Park with a few friends to fish. However I have never fished at this location before. I have fished once before at town quay, a few minutes down the road, but had disappointing results catching just one small mackerel and a crab. I...
  6. LRF Venues Near Southampton

    LRF....*Light Rock Fishing*
    Hi All, I am new to LRF and am looking for different venues to try out near Southampton. Can anyone recommend places to try? I have had a blast at Swanage Pier, the weather was shocking though (had the day booked off and went anyway lol) and only managed one wrasse out. going to get there...