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  1. General Sea Angling Discussion
    I live in Christchurch, Dorset. Does anyone know if Thin Lip Mullet can be caught in the harbour all year round? I know the summer mullet fishing is fantastic but do they stay throughout the year??
  2. New Member Introductions Forum
    Hi, I live in the Isle of Man (If you didn't know it's a little rock in the middle of the Ocean) and I am trying to get started/ more experienced at fishing. I could possibly do with having a little more information on the type of gear I need and possibly some tips and tricks for the fish I'm...
  3. The Bass Lure Forum
    FIRST POST HERE - Hi folks! :) • Firstly, (intro/side notes) I've recently moved to Paignton, Devon from Scotland - about 1.5+hr drive from the sea, so I tried fisheries and rivers - but after starting Sea Fishing (floats) 10-14 years ago, while down in Cornwall (2-4 times a year for 1-3weeks a...
  4. Europe
    Hi all, im in mallorca for a couple of weeks, early april, and was wondering where the best places are , what tackle to use and what baits are the most effective at this time of year. Im nearer the south side of the island. So any info or past experiences are greatly appreciated.
  5. Scotland Classifieds & Services
    Hello Looking to buy spinners from 20-60g in bulk. If anyone knows where I can buy packs of 10+ at a time I would be greatful! Mostly will be used for sea trout/pollack/mackerel and looking for multiple colours as well.
1-5 of 5 Results