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spinning reel

  1. Spinning reel choice and techniques

    Bass Lure Fishing Forum
    I have just acquired a shimano beastmaster lure rod 20-50g. I need a bit of info on what reel to purchase for it. I don't want to spend hundreds on a reel as I am just a beginner, but I would like a reel that will last more than one season. Also I have some savagear sand eels 42g to use, how are...
  2. Spin/lure fishing advice.

    Lure Fishing How To Guides
    I am looking for some advice/info regarding spin/lure fishing from the shore. Can you throw it out anywhere? I.e from the beach or do you have to fish near rocks etc. I live in medway and as you may or may not know the water is very dirty, can you fish in dirty coloured water or does it have to...
  3. Fishing tuna on a budget

    Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    If you exhaled or laughed at the title, you owe me £10! Not a cheap sport I know, not a rich man either but I have to hunt tuna if it's the last thing I do! Have them at my doorstep in 2 months time. Target: 80-150lb blue fin tuna. What I think I need: 100lb braid, 300 metres Spinning rod...
  4. Time to upgrade my spinning reel

    Bass Lure Fishing Forum
    Hi all, I have really got into my lure fishing recently, specifically topwater lures! This is the one I caught monday (attached) My questions is what reel are you using? I have around the £50 - £100 budget, a few I have seen online are: Penn Clash (not so good reviews - slightly heavy)...