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  1. Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    I'm finding it hard to find them online. Does anyone know where I could find one either the 7000 or 8000? Does anyone have one they want to sell by any chance lol?
  2. Reel Repair and Maintenance
    Hi there im wondering if any of you can help i have a Daiwa Opus E5000a and im needing to track down an spare spool, Does anyone have one lying about or know where i could get one? I would prefer this to be the metal one however if only a plastic one was available I would take that instead...
  3. Reel Repair and Maintenance
    OK so come to use my Abu for the first time. When casting I press the thumb bar and release the spool. Occasionally when casting mid cast it will reset locking the spool and causing a crack off. Any ideas what this could be? It's useable but difficult, I'm having to keep pressing the thumb bar...
1-3 of 3 Results