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  1. South & West Wales Catch Reports
    So ventured out last night with a slight break in the weather, well the wind lol it hammered down. Low water was 01:20 am I was very excited and turned up at Lavernock at 9pm lol. So a tad bit of waiting to do before getting on the spit. Literally setup in front of the campsite and sent a...
  2. General Sea Angling Discussion
    not long had my boat seen some good vids on YouTube so ended up getting one. Just not sure on where I can take it or fish with it Barry Cardiff sully maybe?
  3. South & West Wales Catch Reports
    Hi guys looking for advice on the above areas in the title. Myself and a friend have the basic info and basic setup for fishing. Just want to know especially as the cod are slowly on way in, whats the best tide, location, rig setup, bait etc?? thanks inadvance
  4. General Sea Angling Discussion
    Just starting out, aberthaw is my local beach and I'm wondering if I'm able to fish at high and low tide and when's the best time? Any hints for less Snaggy areas would be great (inevitable I know) .
1-4 of 4 Results