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  1. Century Eliminator T700 with Graphene - Review

    Tackle & Equipment Discussions Since the release of the Eliminator T800 & T900 surf casting rods 18 months ago things have been busy up at Century HQ in the North East of England. The rods were so popular that...
  2. Shore No Half Measures, 42 Hours Of Storm Doris.

    South Coast & CI Catch Reports
    This wasn't local but, I thought I'd post in my usual section. I hope you enjoy it guys. Blog: The night before we'd somehow convinced ourselves...
  3. Century Eliminator T700

    Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    My 70 year old father just grabbed it and said "that feels really light, could you not get 2 butt sections for it and use it as a spin rod too?" I guess the last one he used was a Conoflex DC6. :) I had a prototype some time ago but there have been some upgrades and developments since then. My...